Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Getting in Touch with Your Etsy Shop: DAY SEVEN: Shop Review Part 2

We have almost completed our 10 day journey to Getting in Touch with Your Etsy Shop. If you have missed any posts you can catch up here.

Yesterday we examined the overall appearance of your shop so today I wanted to focus on the actual listing. A potential customer is browsing around your shop...GREAT....now to get them to focus in!

Photos: As I mentioned in my Treasury post I'm not entirely happy with the current state of my photos but they are more in line with what I want then when my shop began. The type of background can be an important factor both in highlighting your item that is for sale AND for helping to create a mood within your shop. I've experimented with different colours and patterns of paper as well as props. The camera angle and type of lighting are also factors to consider and of course crispness and clarity. As for photo editing programs since Picnik has been absorbed by Google I have been using befunky.com.

Item Description: There are some sellers who have a knack for storytelling and have the most interesting stories that they incorporate into their item descriptions. I have a more straightforward approach myself although I think that is more in correlation with the amount of time I have. Be sure to include colours and measurements in your description as well as any other relevant info. I have begun to add a link back to my shop in case someone has discovered me through search or google. I personally feel it encourages customers to further browse my items. There is a great Etsy blog article for those who want to further develop their Item Descriptions which you can check out here.

***Today's assignment: Are your pictures/descriptions all that they could be (I know that mine sure aren't)? Rewrite even one description or retake one picture to see what kind of an impact it can have on your shop.

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