Monday, May 14, 2012

Getting in Touch With Your Etsy Shop: DAY SIX: Shop Review Part 1

I hope that everyone had an amazing weekend. The weather was beautiful so I'm not going to workspace organization did not even begin (except in my head!) but I guess having a plan is the first step. If you missed last week's post's you can catch up here.

Today begins the first of two parts where I wanted to examine our Etsy shops. When a customer visits your Etsy shop for the first time you never know what is going to grab their attention. There are, however, a couple of things that we, as shop owners, can do to make sure they stay and visit for awhile.

Shop banner: My shop banner has gone through a makeover a couple of times and I also have seasonal ones to help shoppers get in the spirit! I'm not saying that this is necessary for your shop but I do think that having a banner is important and it can be a great tool in setting the overall tone for your shop. Since I feel that my products are "collectables" for those who have a particular passion or profession I wanted my banner to somehow reflect this. I hope that the shabby/chic sort of perisian design help to translate this. What tone/message are you trying to reflect?

Shop announcement: I think that it is important to put something here although there is great debate as to how much. Some believe in a simple message, some great detail, for me its somewhere in between.

Profile: Having a completed and up to date profile allows customers to relate to you on a personal level. Part of the experience of buying handmade is knowing a bit about the story/artisan behind the work to give the buyer an extra connection to the piece they are purchasing. There was something that circulated on Facebook recently that I thought was a perfect reflection of this point:

Policies: It is important for buyers to know how things work and that they have options and information when purchasing. They want to know how things are shipped, how long it will take and what will happen if they aren't satisfied or run into a problem.  Make sure you can answer these questions for them.

Stay tuned for Part 2 tomorrow!

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