Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Getting In Touch with Your Etsy Shop: DAY TWO: Social Networking

Welcome to Day Two of Getting in Touch with Your Etsy Shop. If you missed Day One: The Plan you can catch up here!

In today's technological world social networking can be a useful tool in growing any kind of business. Whether you choose Pintrest, Twitter, Facebook or blogging you are connecting with people worldwide and sharing not only your products but things you love, your creative process and inspirations.

Regardless of which avenue you choose it is important to A) Enjoy that form-if you don't enjoy posting your readers will know it and B) post frequently. If you have a blog or a Facebook page but only post on occasion your followers will stop checking in. Become an active participant in whatever social networking site you feel suits you best.

Today I wanted to specifically address Facebook. I will admit that for a LONG time I fought the creation of my Facebook Fan Page. That being said, creating a fanpage and actively participating with my followers has been fantastic. I feel as though I have gained insight into my followers and that makes me a better designer, being more in tune with what my customers are looking for and I continue to find it inspiring and rewarding to be directly interacting with those who are my fans (so THANK YOU!)

One of my recent experiences on Facebook has been to participate in a couple of networking ladders. Basically, here's how a ladder works- the hosting page begins the ladder. You LIKE the hosting page then add your own Facebook page in a comment under the ladder. The next person to join the ladder LIKES all of the pages above their own and so on. So how does this help YOU? Gaining new LIKES helps you to connect with potential customers, network with fellow business people and artists AND generate interest in your business/page. I know when I stumble upon a business page with a lot of LIKES my own interest is perked and I too want to hop on the band wagon and know more about that page/business (do we hear a psychology lesson approaching!) So I figured lets see if a networking ladder would work for us...head on over to my Facebook Page and join in today's networking ladder! Great for ALL businesses not just Etsy shops.

***Today's Assignment***Post something on your Facebook wall (or twitter, blog, etc) EVERY DAY for the remainder of this series. It could be a new product, something you like, something you are thinking about, something you are in the process of making, anything!Feel free to add a link to your Facebook Page, blog, or twitter in a comment below. What do you find works best for you?

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