Monday, January 24, 2011

Artfire Top Sellers List

This may be a hot topic but I am fascinated by the top sellers on a site. It gives me inspiration to know that people are making a living at what they are doing, that businesses are growing and I have found many new shop fav's by browsing through Etsy's Top Sellers on Craftcount. As far as I can tell, aside from this forum thread, Artfire doesn't currently have a Top Sellers list so I thought I would put one together as a starting point and we can see how it grows from here. This is by no means an official list, it is merely put together by yours truly through browsing the wonderful shops of Artfire and with some starter help from the AF forums. I will try and update it once a week and would love to eventually have the top sellers for each handmade category. If you would like to have your Artfire shop added please contact me through my Artfire Studio. You may have your name removed from the list at any time if you so wish, just let me know.

1) mayleesgarden (1483)
2) soapsmith (1064)
3) spoiledbratzwear (918)
4) libertydoll (547)
5) thyme2dream (510)
6) normasbathandbody (429)
7) bakidagain (305)
8) auntfranni (292)
9) paperstreet (235)
10) katsallthat (212)
11) kibbles (190)
12) sandrahealy (115)
13) LAjewelrydesigns (99)

1) lululalaland (14385)
2) miabellacollection (5538)
3) susansscrapbookshack (5006)
4) cupcakesocial (4334) 
5) bobbibeads (1330) 
6) tantalizingstitches (1040)
7) bopper (1010)
8) rougeriverbeads (794)
9) beadcomber (718)
10) susansheehan (553)
11) bakidagain2 (428)
12) beadsbytlc (171)

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