Friday, January 14, 2011

Front Page Tags/Themes for the week of Jan8-14th

I'm so excited for Valentine's Day! My little guy and I have already started making cards and he is having a blast. It's so wonderful to see how his little mind puts everything together! Both Etsy and Artfire also have begun to introduce Valentine's themed front pages. Here are just some of the themes/tags that made it to their front pages over the past week:

  • Sweeter than Honeycomb (honey, bee, honeybee, worker bee, edibles, vanilla, yellow, silver, jewellery, vintage, warm, honeycomb, beehive, warm tones, amber)
  • Love Doubt in Peach (peach, salmon, pink, love, romance, doubt, heart, valentine)
  • Wedding at the Big Top (wedding, circus, big top, love, mustard, pinwheels, blue, pink, orange, yellow, circus theme wedding, romance, fun, cotton candy, carnival, spring, destination wedding)
  • Old School Style (vintage, school, schoolhouse, librarian, library, book, student, office, mad men, mid century modern, nerd, geek chic, black white, turquoise)
  • New Years Resolutions No.3 (lemon, cherry, kitchen, decorate, aqua, red, yellow)
  • Strawberry Bubblegum (cotton candy, romance, valentine, pastel, flowers, love, necklace, valentines)
  • Blush (blush, peach, pink, valentine's day, love, romance, bows, ruffles, lace, sparkle, jewelry)
  • Dark Romance (garnet, valentine, hearts, gray, fashion, jewelry, art, romance, romantic, necklace, black, flower, accessories, candy, love, red, valentine's day)
  • Almost Monochrome (retro, vintage, ecru, gray, grey, mid century, cream, rustic, mediterranean, dazzling, old, rusty, dry leaves, taste test, luster, bird, wheels, beige,swing)
  • Reds and Yellows (valentines, honeybees, honey, red, brick, mustard, yellow, spring, celebrations)
  • Warm and Rustic (warm, rustic, country, primitive, neutral, brown, beige, winter)
  • Cozy Valentine (love, jewelry, valentine, red, pink, white, warm, handmade, knit, art, romantic, heart)
  • Love is All Around Us (love, Valentine's Day, valentine, romantic, red, kiss, romance, elegant, art)
  • Lovely Turquoise
  • Denim, Sunshine and Cherry Red (denim, blue, red, cherry, apple, yellow, sunshine, canary, warm, spring, light, triad, playful)
  • Forbidden Love (love, romance, red, contrast, forbidden, valentine, dream, apple, blood red)
  • A Taste of Honey (honey, amber, taste of honey, beeswax candles, honeybees)
  • Artfire Red Hot and Full Steam Ahead
  • Taupe is on the Move
  • Reds and Pinks for Your Valentine
  • Valentine's Goodies For the One You Love
  • The Freshness of Salmon in Our Lives
  • African Safari on Artfire
  • Richness
  • Caramel and Apples- a Luxe Collection
  • Silver with Mellow Yellow
  • Spice Market- Saffron
  • It's Winter but Dreaming of Spring
  • They Call me Mellow Yellow
  • Aqua Shades
  • Turquoise and Copper
  • My Pink Romance
  • Only Hearts
  • Excuse Me, Do You Have the Time?

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