Friday, January 7, 2011

Front Page Tags/Themes for January 1st-7th

It has been awhile since I took a look at the front page themes/tags on Etsy and Artfire and I thought this would be a great week to see if there were any trends emerging. I definately noticed the trend towards neutrals,which was mentioned in Etsy's January Merchandising Desk article, although I am looking forward to seeing some of the other colours mentioned as well (Cozy neutrals, taupe, oatmeal, turquoise, aqua, saffron, deep red, metallics). On Artfire the front pages were much brighter with a mixture of colours emerging, although I did notice several pink or red ones. Here are some of the front page themes/tags for the week of January 1st-7th:

  • Kiss Me At Midnight 2011 (new, undiscovered, lessthan20, new years eve, midnight, kiss, january, 2011, garnet, resolution, treats, warm, love, heart)
  • Blue Tones (emerald green, blue, tuquoise, white, holidays)
  • Something Special (winter, new years eve, january, gifts, white, beige, brown)
  • It's FREEZING OUTSIDE, Natural fashion gifts that will warm her (gift guide, her, holiday fashion, neutral, beige, cream, fur, knit hat, mittens, sheepskin)
  • neutralized (clean slate, clean, cream, white, cocoa, beige, new years, january, rest, relax, calm, relaxed, neutrals)
  • Wintertime Love (white, winter, snow, romance, romantic, beautiful, lavender, blue, lace, french, feminine, dreamy, wintery, trees, cool, cold)
  • Nantucket (resort, blue, water, ocean, nantucket, vacation, crab, sailboat, clam, lobster, navy, chic, seahorse, breezy, breeze, cottage, natural)
  • Brownie Taste (brown, champagne, taste, winter, mustard, holiday fashion, party, gift guide)
  • Getaway...Vacation Time (exotic, tropic, vacation, memories, luggage, packing, resort wear, seashell, beach sea, essentials, ocean map, bikini sunglasses, maps, dreamy vintage)

  • Beautiful Rose Shades
  • Used and Reused
  • Wonderfully Creative Collection
  • The Magnificent Black Cat
  • For the Ones I Love
  • I Heart You
  • Champagne Wishes
  • Marvelous Maple
  • Down to Earth Turquoise
  • Simply Silver
  • Chocolate Chips with a Tad of Caramel
  • New Years Eve Party Girl
  • Set the Mood for a Festive Affair
  • Abstract
  • Desert Dreams
  • Rocking Horses
  • Woolens
  • Wishlist of a Gardener
  • Roses are Red
  • Jaded
  • Honeysuckle Pink with a Splash of Yellow

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