Friday, January 28, 2011

Front Page Tags/Themes Jan23-28

The month is just flying by and for the last week of the month we saw a variety of tags/themes grace the front pages of Etsy and Artfire. Here are just afew:

  • Le Macaron Violette (lilac, sage, macaroon, elegance, gift for her, decadence, purple, green)
  • Moody Valentine (red, pink, grey, gray, black, antique, vintage, romance, romantic, love, white)
  • The pull of the tides (sea, ocean, beach, sand, blue, teal, green, coral, tide, surf)
  • Green with Envy (green, spring)
  • a life in black & white
  • Ready to Grow? (indoor garden, outdoor garden, vintage, watering can, garden tools, organic, mushrooms, bugs, butterflies, fruit, herbs, veggies, botanical print, orchard baskets, sun hat, turquoise, yellow, earth tones)
  • Up, up and away (balloon, airplane, fly, bird, birds, rocket, paper, clouds, pilot)
  • Nature Girl (nature, girl, tree, bird, fruit, green, woods, forest, rainbow, colorful, flora, fauna, plants, animals, seasons, peaceful, environment)
  • Put de Lime in de Coconut (lime, coconut, green, brown, tropical, bright colours, avocado)
  • The sun and the sky- an Australian Day Collection (blue, yellow, aqua, teal, mustard, celebration, outdoors, summer, sun, sand, beach, sky)
  • Mapping Things Out (maps, travel, exotic locations, home decor, accent pieces, wall decor, jewelry, birds, boat, globe, italy, hawaii, los angeles, australia, turquoise, aqua, neutrals)
  • Forever Young (for her, fashion, home, forever young, beautiful, light, fresh, white, natural, decor, soft, plya, pastel, floral)
  • Baby Girl Shower Gifts
  • Happy Birthday February Babies
  • The Fire of Life
  • Tritons Treasures
  • I've Got All the Time in the World for You, Love
  • Copper and Bronze Beauties
  • Red Love
  • Lilac makes me feel all warm and cozy inside
  • Life is Like a Rainbow
  • Just Add Milk
  • Earthtones
  • Mod About Retro
  • Rustic Charm
  • You are my Sunshine
  • Knot Good
  • Beach Beauty
  • Coffee Lovers Unite

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