Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Need Beads? Have you stopped by Rouge River Beads?!

One of the things that keeps me busy on a daily basis (aside from my active toddler) is the bead shop I run in conjunction with my super talented mother. Rouge River Beads was born out of a need to destash some of the beads that we weren't using in our creative endeavours any more, or rather we had more beads than we could ever have time to make into things! I never would have imagined that I would be pursuing the path of blogger, online shop owner, and handmade artisan if it wasn't for my mom who has always had a passion and a talent for creating beautiful treasures. Here's a little more about our story:

We are a mother/daughter team who share the love of beads! My mom has been creating something my entire life and I am glad to have inherited her fever! Together we scour the world in search of fun and affordable beads and findings to inspire both our own and our customers creativity. Mom is a phenomenal cook and baker and you can see her return to her quilting roots in the patience she demonstrates in her beaded creations. I (April) am the proud mommy to a beautiful toddler (my how time flies) and am addicted to both beads and the internet (guess that means I'm in the right business). This adventure has taught us both many things but overall it has given us extra time to spend together to share something we are both passionate about.

We would love it if you stopped by for a visit. Here is where you can find us:
Rouge River Beads Website
Rouge River Beads Etsy
Rouge River Beads Artfire
Rouge River Beads Zibbet
Rouge River Beads Blog
Rouge River Beads Twitter

Friday, August 27, 2010

Front Page Etsy Tags #15

Happy Friday everyone! After taking last week off of Front Page Etsy Tags I am excited to take a look at this week's. In preparation for the holiday season I have been examining my own product tags to make sure that I am using all 14 (although I'm still falling short on a couple) to help maximize my visibility during this busy shopping season. I've noticed that the front pages over the past week are heavily focused on back to school, fall/autumn and I'm sure in the next month we will see more leaves, pumpkins, Halloween items and warm colour pallettes. If you haven't had a chance to check out the September Merchandising Desk article now would be a great time to take a peek. Fall clothing is gracing the stores and I personally have noticed alot of greys, deep purples, and cranberry colours. Here are some of this week's themes and tags that graced the front page of Etsy:
  • Camel brown
  • Navy Baby (navy, blue, sailing, nautical, fall, cream, anchors, autumn, ocean, tan, brown, white)
  • Fall in the City (black, grey, red, white, leaves, fall, autumn, little black dress, urban, modern, elegant, chic, new york, london, vintage, bag, jewellery, lipstick)
  • Peachy
  • A Nice Cup of Tea
  • At the Table (table, napkin, fork, silverware, rustic, plate, wine, placemat, placecard, tea, dinner)
  • late summer at the lakehouse (cottage, rustic, earthy, autumn, indian summer, brown, leaf, river house, nature, harvest, muted green)
  • Summer Fading
  • Leaves All Over
  • Love is in the air...(love, white, cream, grey, letters, workd, amour, ceramic, silver, romance, romantic, i love you, fall in love, magalerie, heart, passion, love birds, love at firest sight)
  • Pretty in Pink and Aqua
  • Mystery Surrounds Her (mystery, autumn, mysterious, drama, gatekeepers, halloween, into the night, the kingdom of shadows, very victorian, avant garde, faces, girl, vintage, spooky, creepy, fun)
  • Breakfast at the Farm
  • First Red Leaves (fall, autumn, red, neutral, home decor)
  • Blue Bird (blue, metal, bird, jewelry, autumn, turquoise, natural, enamel, ornament, scarf, clutch,)

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Some Fall Fav's from Etsy

I can't believe how quickly the summer has flown by and how we are already seeing thoughts turning to fall, Halloween, Thanksgiving and...gasp...Christmas! I have already started stocking my own Etsy shop with some goodies for the upcoming seasons. I thought I'd share some of my newest Fall Fav's and  hope you find a new fav too!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Custom Orders, Home Parties, and more!

It has certainly been a busy week here at Kawartha Beads! I hope this is a sign of things to come for the fall. I had a rush order to complete for a local customer and I can't believe I forgot to take a picture! It was inspired by this Cascades Necklace except was in blue tones instead of green. I also have received a booking for a home party next month. I love doing home parties and have detailed some of my favourite tips in previous postings here. Do you have any tips or advice to share about home parites or the upcoming holiday season?

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Meet Azie Designs!

I briefly introduced you to Azie Designs when I received my print of Charlie the Pup. If you missed that post be sure to check it out here. I was super excited when my hubby pulled her name from the hat as the winner of the ad space giveaway and featured artisan interview. Now it's time to learn more about this fabulous artist!

What would you like people to know about you as a person?
Who I think I am, who I'd like to be, and who people see me as, are three different people. So for me to tell you something about myself may be misleading. I want to think that I'm an open, caring, creative person, but sometimes I produce lousy photos and paintings and am really mean to people. I'm told that I have an incredible drive, personality, and perseverance, but sometimes, I just don't feel it and would rather skip class or produce mediocre work. I am constantly discovering myself, and I have no problem with that. In the past I've been really uncomfortable with myself, whoever that may be. But today, I am trying to let that go, and just let what is, be.

Oh, and as you'll see, I tend to babble.

Tell me a bit about your art and your products? What inspires you?
I like to create a lot of different things, so my shop is started to look a little cluttered... I love photography and art, and I have several photographs and acrylic paintings listed. I also sell art prints. I've also turned some of my photos into ACEOs (trading cards) and photo cards. Lastly, I'm also interested in graphic design, and have created a second shop to store those creations.

For me, inspiration is everywhere -- I just have to be open to it! Celestial Dreams was created solely out of the hope that one day my living may be green instead of slate blue grey; I set out to make a piece that would look good in my "future" space - I was inspired by something that didn't even exist yet. When I was done with it, I felt that I truly had something that other people would enjoy -- it is the first thing that I've ever truly wanted to share - It was the first thing I ever listed on Etsy. Right now, it's hanging in my green living room waiting for its "forever home." Follow The Sun was obviously inspired by some great music - "I'll Follow the Sun" by The Beatles. A lot of my photos are ones that were taken years or months ago and left alone because I didn't see anything in them; when I go back and look at them, I'm inspired, and I can see the beauty in them. The best inspiration presents itself when you're not looking for it -- I don't like to get online and search for ideas/inspiration. It feels more natural and I have an easier time producing something that came from a true "light bulb moment." All you have to do is take a walk, go to the store, chat with friends, doodle, read a book, and play with materials -- you'll have that epiphany, and something truly great will be the result.

How do you share your creations? Where can we find you?
My Etsy shop is my first and original store; however, I am now offering prints at my website/blog as well. Of course, you can also follow me on Twitter and Facebook. I also try to upload photos to my Flickr account.

Take your pick!

Etsy shop - http://aziedesigns.etsy.com
Website - http://aziedesigns.com/buy
Twitter - http://twitter.com/aziedesigns
Facebook - http://facebook.com/aziedesigns
What is your most important lesson since starting your craft/ business?
PATIENCE! Sadly, that's not something that comes easily to me.... but with the second most important lesson - RESEARCH - I've come to have faith in the old adage "Good things come to those who wait." Third, is to MARKET... your work isn't going to go out and find buyers on its own; help it out! It's very easy to get discouraged early on, especially when another old adage, "It takes money to make money" really starts to prove itself. In my first month, I spent $60 to make $20. But whatever you put into your craft is what you're going to get out of it in return.
Some fun tidbits:
-Coffee, tea or hot chocolate?
Yes, please! In that order.
-Your favourite candy?
Andes mints. But honestly, there aren't many types of candy I won't eat!
-Your favourite colour?
It's taken me years to come to terms with this, but PINK! Second place is red.
-Your favourite movie?
Moulin Rouge ^.^ The core concept - Freedom, Beauty, Truth, and Love - is something everyone should believe in. "Come what may" has become my secret personal motto (and a possible future tattoo). Plus, Ewan McGregor is so cute in it ;)
-If I were to catch you grooving it would be to this song….
Lately, I've been into a K-Pop group called 2NE1... (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ISEoXdHb4W4) No matter what kind of mood I'm in, their music always seems to fit...

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Festive Cheer and a Super Sale at Kawartha Beads!

 SUPER SALE! I have introduced these adorable Christmas Tulips and Christmas Stack Earrings in Red and Green for a special price of only $5 with FREE SHIPPING in the United States and Canada. Hurry, this special offer only runs until August 31st. You can find your special pair in my Etsy, Zibbet or Artfire shops. They are sure to add some festive cheer to your holiday season!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

We have kittens!

On July 19th our mama cat gave birth to two healthy baby kittens. The little girl is long haired, white with brown and orange spots. The little boy is orange and white and looks just like his mama. We don't have the space to keep them (although I desperately want to) so we are currently searching for good homes for them but have enjoyed playing with them and loving them over the past couple of weeks. I just wanted to share a picture with you because I know their little faces make me smile!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Ad Space Winner.....

First and foremost thanks to everyone who entered. The winner of ad space for a month and a featured artisan interview is..............
Azie Designs!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Last Day to Enter to WIN AD SPACE

Just a reminder that today is the final day to enter to WIN ad space for a month AND a featured artisan interview. A great way to gain exposure for your shop heading into the busy holiday season. Don't miss your chance....enter here.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Front Page Etsy Tags #14

What a shift in front pages this week! I can't believe how quickly minds have changed from summer fun to back to school and fall/autumn beauties. Here are some of the themes/tags that appeared on Etsy's front page in the past week:
  • Berry Stained Love Letters (berry, stained, love, letters, pink, purple, mauve, romance, rose, juice, watermelon, grape, summer)
  • Simply Green & White (green, white, natural, moss, heart, forest, simply beautiful)
  • your old world eco wedding style (wedding, vintage, eco, ivory, white, cream, retro, antique, lace, bride)
  • Wherever the Wind Takes Me (dandelion, flower, wind, color, orange, blue, green, red, yellow, art)
  • To the Moon and Back
  • Snow White, Red Rose (snow, white, rose, red, bear, snow white, rose red, fairytale, gothic, grimm)
  • Ever-greens! ( autumn, fall, green, natural, vintage,)
  • In the Classroom (back to school, school, classroom, khaki, neutral, august, september, fall, brown, gray, notebook, jewelry, home decor, dorm, chalkboard, abc, teachers)
  • Grey Black Brown (grey, black, brown, luxury, rustic, autumn)
  • Autumnal Equinox (autumn, fall, rust, brown, gold, horse, books, vintage, jewelry, nature, tree, travel, antique, equestrian, owl)
  • Woodland Decadence
  • I Heard Fall is Coming
  • Schoolhouse Rock (school, back to school, plaid, chalkboard, learning, lunchbox, bookbag, pencil)
  • In Anticipation of Autumn (autumn, fall, trees, hemp, lantern, locket, feathers, tree stump, forest, leaves, antique)
  • Shapes and Forms (geometric, geometrical, triangle, bright colours)
  • Back to School (already?) (back to school, school, academics, books, academic calender, chalkboard, teacher, student, fall, autumn, warmth)
  • Blue Mint (blue, green, aqua, turquoise)
  • Dirt is Good (dirt, gardening)
  • She Sparkles (sparkle, pink, grey, fun, cream, tea party, girls night, rich)
  • Bursting with Song (song, music, birds, flowers, leaves, organic, jewelry, earthtones)
  • Woodland Wonders (forest, green, scouts, deer, acorns, trees, autumn, browns)
  • Lovely Ochre (ochre, yellow, whimsical, warm)
And don't forget there is ONLY ONE DAY LEFT to enter to win you chance for ad space for a month AND a featured artisan interview (just in time for the holiday shopping season!)

Friday, August 13, 2010

ONTARIO Yours to Discover by UxCritter on Etsy

I am thrilled to have been featured in this AMAZING treasury featuring many talented Ontario artisans. I hope that you will stop by for a visit!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Have you taken a ride on the Dinosaur Train?!

When I came across this review and giveaway on Mom to Bed by 8 I knew I just had to share it with you! If you have a little one in your house you might be familiar with Dinosaur Train, a fun cartoon sharing knowledge of dinosaurs as well as life lessons. My little guy is OBSESSED with this show and I must admit that it is one of the ones I enjoy watching with him. Until I came across this review and giveaway I had no idea that that you could visit Dinosaur Train online for a variety of games and collectibles to buy. Needless to say I immediately added this site to my fav's for some holiday shopping! Be sure to stop by Mom to Bed by 8 to learn more about these fantastic toys and to enter for your chance to win a  Dinosaur Train Buddy Interaction Figure from Learning Curve. Good luck!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Eggplant Pearls~ A beautiful handmade treat!

Handmade gifts are always a treat to give and receive. I am in love with pearls, they are such a timeless classic, and the rich and luxurious colours that are out there these days add that extra punch. This week I listed these stunning Eggplant Pearl Earrings, a great deal at just $8.00 with Free Shipping.  I couldn't resist making a pair for myself as well!
If you haven't had a a chance to enter to win Ad Space for a month there are only a couple of days left to grab your chance! Just click here.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Front Page Etsy Tags #13

I thought there was a good assortment of themes and tags this week and I found oodles of new fav's! I'm excited to start to see the hot trends for fall appearing. With the busy holiday season approaching don't forget to enter to win ad space for a month and give your business some extra exposure! This week's themes/tags:
  • Notions (sewing, vintage, dressmaker, thread, fabric, ribbon, pattern, pincushion, scissors)
  • Mocha (mocha, brown, rustic)
  • New in Town? (dorm room, residence, uni, college, university, turquoise, teal, green, brown, mocha, cafe au lait)
  • Sweet Afternoon (tea time, cupcake, cafe, rose, cakes, pastries, lemonade, baking, dreamy, afternoon, girlfriends, tea)
  • A Day at the Lake (turquoise, water, lake, summer, teal, vacation, green, sky, blue)
  • Come Autumn
  • Mother Earth (mother earth, nature, earth, orange, green, yellow, grass, trees, moss)
  • Secret Wedding (wedding, white, cream, bridal, rustic, dream, ivory, pearl, jewelry, flowers)
  • Sinful and Delicious...Raspberry Tart (raspberry, burgundy, pink, maroon, wine, berries)
  • delicate gypsy
  • jade green
  • Early Thoughts of Fall
  • Sweetness (mint, pale, green, pink, clock, doily, photography, tie, lace, brooch, tote, jewellery, ring, dress, vintage)
  • brights + whites (orange, white, red)
  • Blue Brown Serenity
  • Dark Emerald Waters (beach, ocean, water, sunset, emerald, emerald green, wood, wooden, nautilus, sand, oceans)
  • Air Blue
  • Crop Circles (crop circles, outer space, aliens, spaceship, flying saucer, corn, field, wheat)
  • Quirky
  • Creatures Big & Small
  • Head in the Clouds (clouds, blue, sky blue, elephant, birds, denimn blue, cornflower blue)
  • Shark Week
  • Folk Love (autumn, beauty, harvest, august, green, bohemian, tribal, fabric, print, outdoor, transition, peridot, red, dots, floral, wood, wedding)
  • Lilac Summer
  • Summer Peach and Sage (peach, summer, sage, orange, green, light, pastel)
  • Hard Black with Soft Peach (peach, pink, vintage, grey, gray, black, white, colours, colors, soft, romantic, textures
  • Rustic Woodland Wedding (rustic, country, wedding, romantic, birds, woods)
  • The Cocky Nuptials (peacock, fashion, feathers, hair piece, cake topper, favors, green teal, blue turquiose)

Thursday, August 5, 2010

So cute! How could you not fall in love?

Meet Charlie the Pup, the newest addition to the walls of my home! He arrived this week courtesy of a blog giveaway from aziedesigns which I was lucky enough to be the winner of! If you stop by Ashley's fabulous etsy shop you will find an assortment of artwork, photography, paintings, graphics and even a lovely collection of scrapbook papers which I've had my eye on! If you have a soft spot for animals be sure to check out the section for the HSUS fundraiser where you can find lovely new additions to your home, Charlie included, and you can feel great knowing that a portion of the proceeds from this particular shop section go towards a great cause.

Stay connected with this talented artisan at:
BLOG - http://aziedesigns.com/blog

FB - http://www.facebook.com/aziedesigns
TWITTER - http://twitter.com/aziedesigns
FLICKR - http://www.flickr.com/photos/aziedesigns

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Ad Space Giveaway! Promote YOUR business!

It's time again for an ad space giveaway! If you are a frequent reader (or a new one) you may have noticed the button on the right hand side currently occupied by the totally awesome Life in the Pitts, winner of our last ad space giveaway. After the last giveaway was done I wanted to learn more about our winner so I was thrilled when she agreed to share a little about herself here.

Now the space is up for grabs and heading into the busy holiday season this is a great chance to WIN free ad space for your shop or your blog. The winner will receive a 125x125 ad space for one month AND a featured artisan interview post because we would love to learn more about you! Here's how you can win (please leave a seperate comment for each entry)
  • MANDATORY ENTRY: Become a follower of this blog (or if you are already a follower please feel free to leave a comment reminding us!)
  • Follow Kawartha Beads on twitter
  • Tweet this giveaway and leave me the link
  • Heart Kawartha Beads Etsy Shop
  • Tell me your favourite Kawartha Beads product
Giveaway ends Sunday August 15th at 11:59pm EST. Please make sure your shop/blog is family friendly in order to be eligible to win.

Monday, August 2, 2010

New for Fall

Despite a busy week last with the little one I managed to get a couple of new listings up in my shop and had a blast with a Trade and Stay event over the weekend. I can't believe I am already starting to stock my shop for the fall season! I hope you will stop by for a visit!