Friday, August 6, 2010

Front Page Etsy Tags #13

I thought there was a good assortment of themes and tags this week and I found oodles of new fav's! I'm excited to start to see the hot trends for fall appearing. With the busy holiday season approaching don't forget to enter to win ad space for a month and give your business some extra exposure! This week's themes/tags:
  • Notions (sewing, vintage, dressmaker, thread, fabric, ribbon, pattern, pincushion, scissors)
  • Mocha (mocha, brown, rustic)
  • New in Town? (dorm room, residence, uni, college, university, turquoise, teal, green, brown, mocha, cafe au lait)
  • Sweet Afternoon (tea time, cupcake, cafe, rose, cakes, pastries, lemonade, baking, dreamy, afternoon, girlfriends, tea)
  • A Day at the Lake (turquoise, water, lake, summer, teal, vacation, green, sky, blue)
  • Come Autumn
  • Mother Earth (mother earth, nature, earth, orange, green, yellow, grass, trees, moss)
  • Secret Wedding (wedding, white, cream, bridal, rustic, dream, ivory, pearl, jewelry, flowers)
  • Sinful and Delicious...Raspberry Tart (raspberry, burgundy, pink, maroon, wine, berries)
  • delicate gypsy
  • jade green
  • Early Thoughts of Fall
  • Sweetness (mint, pale, green, pink, clock, doily, photography, tie, lace, brooch, tote, jewellery, ring, dress, vintage)
  • brights + whites (orange, white, red)
  • Blue Brown Serenity
  • Dark Emerald Waters (beach, ocean, water, sunset, emerald, emerald green, wood, wooden, nautilus, sand, oceans)
  • Air Blue
  • Crop Circles (crop circles, outer space, aliens, spaceship, flying saucer, corn, field, wheat)
  • Quirky
  • Creatures Big & Small
  • Head in the Clouds (clouds, blue, sky blue, elephant, birds, denimn blue, cornflower blue)
  • Shark Week
  • Folk Love (autumn, beauty, harvest, august, green, bohemian, tribal, fabric, print, outdoor, transition, peridot, red, dots, floral, wood, wedding)
  • Lilac Summer
  • Summer Peach and Sage (peach, summer, sage, orange, green, light, pastel)
  • Hard Black with Soft Peach (peach, pink, vintage, grey, gray, black, white, colours, colors, soft, romantic, textures
  • Rustic Woodland Wedding (rustic, country, wedding, romantic, birds, woods)
  • The Cocky Nuptials (peacock, fashion, feathers, hair piece, cake topper, favors, green teal, blue turquiose)

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