Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Need Beads? Have you stopped by Rouge River Beads?!

One of the things that keeps me busy on a daily basis (aside from my active toddler) is the bead shop I run in conjunction with my super talented mother. Rouge River Beads was born out of a need to destash some of the beads that we weren't using in our creative endeavours any more, or rather we had more beads than we could ever have time to make into things! I never would have imagined that I would be pursuing the path of blogger, online shop owner, and handmade artisan if it wasn't for my mom who has always had a passion and a talent for creating beautiful treasures. Here's a little more about our story:

We are a mother/daughter team who share the love of beads! My mom has been creating something my entire life and I am glad to have inherited her fever! Together we scour the world in search of fun and affordable beads and findings to inspire both our own and our customers creativity. Mom is a phenomenal cook and baker and you can see her return to her quilting roots in the patience she demonstrates in her beaded creations. I (April) am the proud mommy to a beautiful toddler (my how time flies) and am addicted to both beads and the internet (guess that means I'm in the right business). This adventure has taught us both many things but overall it has given us extra time to spend together to share something we are both passionate about.

We would love it if you stopped by for a visit. Here is where you can find us:
Rouge River Beads Website
Rouge River Beads Etsy
Rouge River Beads Artfire
Rouge River Beads Zibbet
Rouge River Beads Blog
Rouge River Beads Twitter

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  1. I haven't done any beading in a while! Just started crafting again, but it's slow going. Need just a few more hours in a day :)
    Thanks so much for the ideas for blogging!