Saturday, August 14, 2010

Front Page Etsy Tags #14

What a shift in front pages this week! I can't believe how quickly minds have changed from summer fun to back to school and fall/autumn beauties. Here are some of the themes/tags that appeared on Etsy's front page in the past week:
  • Berry Stained Love Letters (berry, stained, love, letters, pink, purple, mauve, romance, rose, juice, watermelon, grape, summer)
  • Simply Green & White (green, white, natural, moss, heart, forest, simply beautiful)
  • your old world eco wedding style (wedding, vintage, eco, ivory, white, cream, retro, antique, lace, bride)
  • Wherever the Wind Takes Me (dandelion, flower, wind, color, orange, blue, green, red, yellow, art)
  • To the Moon and Back
  • Snow White, Red Rose (snow, white, rose, red, bear, snow white, rose red, fairytale, gothic, grimm)
  • Ever-greens! ( autumn, fall, green, natural, vintage,)
  • In the Classroom (back to school, school, classroom, khaki, neutral, august, september, fall, brown, gray, notebook, jewelry, home decor, dorm, chalkboard, abc, teachers)
  • Grey Black Brown (grey, black, brown, luxury, rustic, autumn)
  • Autumnal Equinox (autumn, fall, rust, brown, gold, horse, books, vintage, jewelry, nature, tree, travel, antique, equestrian, owl)
  • Woodland Decadence
  • I Heard Fall is Coming
  • Schoolhouse Rock (school, back to school, plaid, chalkboard, learning, lunchbox, bookbag, pencil)
  • In Anticipation of Autumn (autumn, fall, trees, hemp, lantern, locket, feathers, tree stump, forest, leaves, antique)
  • Shapes and Forms (geometric, geometrical, triangle, bright colours)
  • Back to School (already?) (back to school, school, academics, books, academic calender, chalkboard, teacher, student, fall, autumn, warmth)
  • Blue Mint (blue, green, aqua, turquoise)
  • Dirt is Good (dirt, gardening)
  • She Sparkles (sparkle, pink, grey, fun, cream, tea party, girls night, rich)
  • Bursting with Song (song, music, birds, flowers, leaves, organic, jewelry, earthtones)
  • Woodland Wonders (forest, green, scouts, deer, acorns, trees, autumn, browns)
  • Lovely Ochre (ochre, yellow, whimsical, warm)
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  1. It's not feeling like fall yet, at least where I live. As always, I enjoy your list.