Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Getting in Touch with Your Etsy Shop: DAY THREE: Treasuries

Welcome to Day Three in my blog series "Getting in Touch with Your Etsy Shop". If you missed my previous posts you can catch up here. Today I thought it might be fun to get those creative juices flowing again by taking a peek at Etsy Treasuries!

While being featured in a treasury that makes it to the front page is a dream of mine (and I'm sure many other Etsy shop owners) Etsy treasuries can serve several other purposes.

First, they are a great way to expose your shop to other shops. I know that I always take time to explore the shops of those who feature me in their treasuries and I've found many new fav's this way. Secondly, both admiring and creating Etsy treasuries is a great way to keep in touch with Etsy trends such as those mentioned in the Etsy Merchandising Desk. Click here to check out the May 2012 edition. Keeping abreast of new and frequent trends can give you an indication of what's selling on Etsy, what customers are looking for and perhaps give you new creative inspiration. I like to keep in mind the trends for the month when creating a treasury as it is more likely to be featured if it fits a theme that Etsy is looking for. Last but not least, creating treasuries gave me an unexpected insight into my own shop. In my quest to create a treasury that was front page worthy I realized something....that my own product photos were NOT front page worthy! Creating treasuries has allowed me to realize what types of shots, angels and backgrounds catch my immediate attention. I do not want to copy anyone's photos but it has given me pause to think about my own. I have been spending some time revamping my product photography and must admit I'm still not happy with it but at least I am AWARE (but alas photography could be a whole series on its own!!!) Of course I couldn't talk about treasuries without sharing one with you! Thanks so much to Amanda of Beautypops for the colour suggestion!

***Today's assignment*** If you have time today grab a cup of coffee and enjoy creating an Etsy treasury. I hope you will post a link to your treasury below so we can all take a peek!***


  1. There have been so many great treasuries of late (and always) that I felt compelled to create one, it has been quite a while since I created my last one.

    I can't even remember what theme I was going for, and that was only three days ago :) Anyway, as I was on a roll with the treasury, finding some great stuff, I hit the back button of the treasury window instead of the window I had open to find the great treasury picks. Lost everything I was working on and didn't have time to start all over. Sad but true.

    As time allows I will definitely have another go at it, because it is fun and finding some great items to add to the treasury is just that looking for treasure.

  2. I just wanted to say this is a really great series. Treasuries in particular are fun when you have time, but can be so annoying to do because it's easy to accidently lose them. However you hit the nail on the head about FP worthiness...and popularity. Treasuries will certainly help us keep on top of trends and keep an eye on our own products. I have been featured in tons of treasuries, but never (to my knowledge - on the FP)...ah, well, one day!