Friday, April 29, 2011

Etsy Front Page Tags/Themes for the week of April 23-29

Happy Royal Wedding Day! I'm sure by now everyone has had a chance to catch an update of the beautiful couple and needless to say...that dress! Gorgeous! Speaking of gorgeous here are some of the stunning tags/themes to grace the front page of Etsy over the past week:
  • Foxy Goodness (fox, art, print, plate, mask, clock, sweater, tshirt, teacup, saucer, doll, pillow, stuffie, pencil case, woodland ,dressup, pouch)
  • Will you go to prom with me? (prom, may trends, blue, teal, denimn blue, formal, highschool, dance)
  • What Big Teeth you have, Grandma (little red riding hood, rustic, woodland, may trends, wolf, axe, art print, cape, mushroom, fairytale, brown, maroon, burgundy)
  • Earthy Hues (earth tones, journal, slate blue, olive green, coral red, vintage decor, jewelry, gray, jasper beads, books, bags, nature, natural colors, mothers day gifts, graduation gifts, spring fashion jewelry, dusky turquoise)
  • The Earth is our Friend, Keep it that Way! (earth day, recycle, renew, reduce,reuse, trees)
  • Mom Loves to Cook (mom. mothers day, kitchen, home, food, gourmet, cooking, wine, herb, yummy)
  • BohemianWeekend (teal, seafoam, red, mix, vibrant, bohemian, vintage, clothing, may trends)
  • A Shabby Chic Mother's Day (gifts for mom, khaki, natural, earthy, old world, vintage, home decor, decorations, interior design, french, blue, white, grey, gray, fashion accessory)
  • Nostalgic Whimsy ( may trends, summer, gift ideas, eco-friendly, tea stained, aged, pattern, patina, nostalgia, springtime)
  • For the Chefs (home decor, kitchen, cooking, blue, white, black, gifts, gifts for mothers, chef)

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