Friday, September 3, 2010

Front Page Etsy Tags #16

Hope that everyone had a great week! Here are some the tags/themes that graced the front page of Etsy over this past week. Have you been working on revamping your tags in preparation for the holidays? They will be here before we know it!
  • Rose Dust: Fall Color Trends (dusty rose, rose dust, champagne pink, beige pink, warm neutral, fashion colors, pantone, 2010, fall, autumn, mauve, pink, neutral)
  • Turquoise and Red
  • Pretty in Pastels (softs, pastels, light, pink, yellow, blue, lilac, vintage, colorful)
  • End of Summer Green (green, harvest, end of summer, romantic, autumn, fall)
  • The Moss Gardens are Overflowing with Love (moss, white, garden, nature, earth, organic, green, floral)
  • It's Never Too Late For...Seafoam Green
  • Grandma (grandma, kitchen, retro, nostalgic)
  • Ivy League (green, gray, forest, fall, autumn, grey, college, university, back to school, dark, library, campus, books)
  • Chevron (chevron, yellow, blue, red, black, white, stripe)
  • My "new" home office...sigh..(office, workspace, aqua, blue, cool, soft, clean, pretty, feminine, light blue, white, cream)
  • Autumn Fox
  • Shelter...refuge...haven
  • All About Love (birds, heart, green, wedding, love, necklace, ring, friends, french, xo, gold, silver)
  • Soft (soft, pastel, blue, pink, green, shabby chic, romantic, floral, cottage, feminine)
  • tumble dry (laundry, wash day, clean clothes, vintage, clothesline, clean, clothespin, apron, ironing basket, chores, soap, sunny day, lavender sachet)
  • Too Late for those Green Leaves (red, orange, trend, leaves, nature, fall, rustic, harvest)
  • Woodland Fawn


  1. Those are quite helpful, thanks:)

  2. I am a new follower via the twitter hop. I look forward to your Etsy pointers on tags. Think I need to do that.