Friday, September 17, 2010

Front Page Etsy Tags/Themes #17

Hope that everyone had a great week! While I didn't list them here, I definately saw several Halloween related treasuries featured with wonderful hues of black and orange and witches and goblins! Can you believe its that time of the year already? Here are some of the other themes/tags that appeared on the front page of Etsy this week:
  • Home is where the heart is (home decor, pottery, cozy, colorful, heart, handmade, vintage, orange, red, blue, green, plaid, fox, chai, house, tea, modern, fall)
  • Peachy Keen
  • Turquoise and Yellow
  • Did Someone Say Coffee (coffee, brown, warm, mugs, personalized, winter, candy, creamer)
  • Nature's Neutrals (natured, fall, natural history, brown, beige, taupe, leaves, September, autumn)
  • It's Apple Pickin Time (fall, apple, yellow, rust, red, green, fruit, picking, food)
  • Equestrian (equestrian, horse, butterscotch, yellow, camel, gray, black, beige, olive, riding)
  • Rustic Romantic Fall ( art, fall, rustic, romantic, wedding, farmhouse, cabin, vintage, sepia, red, harvest, autumn)
  • Autumn Nightblooms (fall, autumn, harvest moon, full moon, blooms, red, orange, flowers, silver, vintage, acorns, feminine, green, blue, gray, melancholy, dark romance, woodland)
  • Fallen for Orange...
  • Charm and Sorcery (halloween, autumn, orange, black, brown, creepy, natural history, bone, crow, yellow, feather, witch, apothecary, haunted)

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  1. Good to know! I love the whole feel of autumn!