Thursday, September 29, 2011

My Favourite Shopping Deals This Week

Welcome to another new weekly blog addition, My Favourite Shopping Deals of the Week. Each week I will pick a couple of deals that are tops in my books. Feel free to share your favourite shopping deals as well!

Shoppers Drug Mart:
Did you pick up the booklet with the Smuckers Jam Coupon I told you about a couple of weeks ago? I hope so because here is a great chance to use them. This week Shopper's has Smuckers Jam on for $1.99, use your $1 off coupon and your jam is just 99cents. Rumor has it that you also receive 150 bonus points per jar, however since my Shoppers was out of stock I can't actually verify this myself. I did get a raincheck to check back next time I'm in.
Chocolate Milk just 99cents. A treat for my little guy who has been feeling under the weather this week (of course I'm waiting until his tummy feels better to give it to him!)

Food Basics:
There were a TON of great deals this week but a couple of my fav's were Dempsters Smart Bread on sale for $2. If you are still carrying around your coupon (I was) this makes your bread....FREE!
My location also had a cart full of reduced Gilette body washes (amongst other things) so if you have the $2 off coupon  it would also make it....FREE!

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