Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Great Deals on Handmade Goodies!

I was recently introduced to, a site for lovers of handmade to get great deals on jewellery, bath and body products, paper delights and more. For handmade businesses it looks like it can be a great opportunity to gain some exposure for your shop and introduce your products to a new set of customers. I viewed it as a sort of out of the box method of advertising. So I decided, why not, I love a great deal and why shouldn't Kawartha Beads customers have a chance to grab some goodies at a great price. The application process is sort of nervewracking...will they like me...will they really really like me! The initial voting process is anonymous, as a seller you submit 5 photos of your products and the community votes on if they would purchase your products at a deal or not. Currently you need 60 YES DEFINTATELY votes within a certain time frame for your deal to be reviewed at the next stage. I guess some people really do like me!!! Now I sit and wait a response from the next stage of the process which can take approx. 10+days. If you are considering exploring as an opportunity for your business there is even an Etsy Team with a wealth of information. Stay tuned and wish me luck!

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