Monday, May 30, 2011

Canadian Couponers: Where to find coupons?

I must admit that when I started couponing afew months ago I had no idea what I was doing. B1G1, BOGO, one per purchase vs. one per transaction....WTF? Lucky for me I have a couple of awesome couponing friends that have been showing me the ropes, I've found a couple of great Canadian coupon sites and have slowly but surely started to save some money! Here are some of my favourite sites that mail coupons directly to your home:
and if you are looking for great tips and resources be sure to check out
You can also pick up coupons right in your grocery store (called tearpads) get coupons from product packaging and from your local newspaper (called inserts). As of yet I haven't delved into the world of printable coupons but that will definately be my next hurdle. What are your favourite sites for Canadian coupon resources?

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