Thursday, March 31, 2011

Addicted to Coupons!

I have always been fond of saving a dollar or two, I mean who isn't?! Now that I am on maternity leave and baby #2 is only 2 weeks away each and every dollar counts even more. A couple of girlfriends have been teaching me the ins and outs of couponing and I have become ADDICTED!

I knew that coupons were big in the United States but I wasn't aware of how many great sites/deals are out there for Canadians too. Two online coupon sites that the girls swear by are and I have ordered my coupons and can't wait for them to arrive, especially the diaper ones. I've begun to pay much closer attention to the coupons available for pick up right in the grocery store and now proudly store them in an envelope in my purse awaiting a chance to use them.

The girls and I did a coupon exchange last week, swaping and sharing coupons that we no longer needed or had extras of. With the coupons this week I saved $3 off my little guys haircut, $1.50 off of pullups and I caved to McD's craving and used the One Can Dine coupon for $4.89 (I love the nuggets which I think the combo regularly is a little over $6). I also signed up for the rewards program at and have my eye on a couple of gifts for my toddler who's birthday is coming up and a Bounce Dryer Bar (I've always wanted to try one). It's not much but it's a start and by golly there is alot to learn! I would love to hear more tips, trick and advise from other coupon mammas out there.

This week I saved approx: $5.50
If I saved that every week that is $286 in savings/year


  1. And sales too! I use to work at Sears and knew when the year end sales were out. With my 20% employee discount, plus 70-80% off rack I bought bags of clothes for my grand kids for a few dollars.

    The stores can only run their sales, excluding clearance, for two weeks, then they have to revert back to regular prices or keep everything at the sale price, US law, so if you miss a sale one week guaranteed it will be on sale again. I forget how long the store has to wait, not long. the sales were usually for 50% off; children, bed and bath, home decor, shoes...

  2. I've also always been a sales gal and flyer watcher. That's great that you could receive your employee discount on sales items as well, especially shoes, which children seem to steam through in no time!