Friday, March 18, 2011

Front Page Themes/Tags for March 13-18

Been a busy week! Thanks to all who participated in my March Madness Sale, I hope you enjoy your new goodies! Here are some of the themes and tags that made it to the front pages of Etsy and Artfire over the past week:

  • Flight (butterfly, spring, spring trends, nature, natural, monarch, art, handmade, vintage, decore, unique, orange, march, jewelry, accessories)
  • Meet Me at the Ocean (nautical, ocean, navy, red, yellow, anchor, sea, rope)
  • Weapon of Choice (peace, guitar, music, song, sheet music, love, hope, brown, silver, hymn)
  • Happy St. Patricks Day
  • Squares-ville (crochet, colorful, granny, square, blanket, cozy, cottage, farmhouse, bright, handmade, spring colours)
  • A Sacred Place (earthy, forest, green, moss, ivy, gold, mushroom, outdoorsy, natural, wood, rustic, woodland, lavender fields, magical, nature)
  • Spring Arrives in Shades of Blue (spring, flowers, bunnies, cornflower, aqua, women, easter, birds, white, porcelain, soft)
  • hoppity peep (bunny, rabbit, bird, peep, chick, easter, melon, green, sage, pink, yellow, vintage, spring, march trends, decor, housewares, art)
  • rustic geometry (rustic, metal, geometric, square, triangle, rustic home, vintage rustic, wood, natural, brown, warm, earth tones, march trends, geometry, minimalism, simple, midcentury modern)
  • Smells Like Happiness (march trends, woodland, forest, farmhouse, trees, nature, earth tones, neutral palette, brown, wood, birds, animals, leaves, leaf, linen, dragonflies)
  • Sensational Sages
  • Wood Artisan Wedding Fair
  • Natures Canvas
  • Aquamarine for the Month of March
  • Tiffany Blue
  • The Green Irish Hills
  • A Little Bit of Fire for Handmade!
  • The Art of Origami
  • Like a Rainbow
  • Trees declare Springtime
  • Stunning Earthtones
  • Black and Tan

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