Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Getting your Business Ready for the Holiday Season

Wow....November already! How time flies when you are having fun! With the busy holiday season now upon us I have been working hard to get my business organized, have you? Here are a couple of tips that I have gathered that will hopefully help you survive the flurry!
  • Make a list- I made a list day by day for the entire month of November of what I would like to accomplish including # of products in my inventory, updating tags in my shop, listings, shopping needs, blog updates and promotion and even the housework and some fun family events. Some people don't work well off of lists but I feel it will help me to stay focused and not spend time doing things that aren't as productive as I'd like.
  • Stock up on supplies for products AND shipping NOW!- I have all of the supplies either here or on their way that I think I will need to get me through the end of the month. I also stocked up on envelopes, tissue paper, customs forms, etc so that I am ready to ship and don't have to spend time running out to get these items in order to send a parcel. With the postal system already at its peek I want to make sure every package gets out asap!
  • Take some time every day to relax- Yep, that's right, relax! I know that it seems hard to do but whether it be a nice long shower, relaxing with a magazine or in my case having a power snooze when my toddler naps you will feel more energized and motivated than pushing through it and getting burned out.
  • Ask for help- If you can't afford to hire someone to help out then suggest to a friend or family member that you will "pay" them in product if they can come and help you for a couple of hours. Have them put return addresses on envelopes, help you package your products, pick up some things from the grocery store or maybe just keep your little ones company so that you can get some extra things accomplished. 
  • Remember to have fun!


  1. I think at the moment, I really need time to relax! XD XD
    Been running around in circle to make time for full time job, paper goods shop and illustrations shop, and family time!

  2. That's a good list! I want to do well this Christmas season. *Taking notes*