Friday, November 12, 2010

Front Page Themes and Tags Nov. 7-12

Just a quick update today, busy helping my parents move (which includes our Rouge River Beads supplies shop). Hope everyone has a great weekend and enjoy some of this week's front page themes/tags from Artfire and Etsy:

  • Leather and Lace
  • Shabby Chic Gifts
  • Australia
  • New Treasures on Artfire
  • Blueberries
  • Crows and Clay
  • Artfire Beauty
  • Modern and Minimal
  • Lets Face It
  • Neckware Ala Rainbow
  • Chocolate Gems
  • Classic Christmas
  • I've Got the Blues
  • AJDJSS Jewelry Suppliers (Rouge River Beads is featured in this one!)
  • Royalty INSPIRED (purple, yellow, art, sewing, fall colours, gold)
  • Rustic Christmas Gift Guide (rustic, primitive)
  • Cold November Rain (grey, blue, cold, rain, soft, clean)
  • Cozy Winter (let it snow, hot chocolate, winter, snowflake, snowmen, snow, winter wonderland, cozy, warm, sheepskin)
  • A Pinch of This and a Dash of That (autumn, fall, harvest, gifts, caramel, felted, eco-friendly, seeds, candle, wine, lotion, bar, soap, charm, message, paper)
  • It's Only LOVE- Gift Guide (romance, love, gift guide, her, soft, colors, pastel, pink, green, wedding, romantic)
  • A Little Lumberjack in Everyone (lumberjack, plaid, wood, winter, beard, bear, forest, pine, tree, pine tree)
  • Take a Gander (red, goose, gander, Christmas, teal)
  • A Winter Walk Through the Forest ( winter, woodland, forest, moss, green, Christmas, birch, white, snow, brown, acorn, holidays)
  • Red Gifts Guide (Christmas, red, gift guide, holidays, woman, snowflake, place card holders, white, Christmas tree, ornaments)
  • Shitake mushroom (taupe, brown, sepia, tan, beige, green, rabbit, snowman, donkey, november, gloves, Christmas, old fashioned)

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