Friday, October 8, 2010

Front Page Themes on Etsy and Artfire

It's been a busy week. If you are Canadian I'm sure you are gearing up for a great long weekend. Have a great Thanksgiving! Here are the themes that appeared on the front page of Artfire this past week.
  • Weather or Not
  • Sweet Little Things for Sweet Little Things
  • The Warm Embrace of Flora
  • Whirlwind
  • Red, Black & White Polka Dots
  • Fairies in Pastels
  • Color-full
  • Caramel Apples
  • Ruffled Feathers
And this week on Etsy
  • Berry Orchard (berry, plum, fall, harvest, trees, outdoors, bike, olive, lettuce, figs, nature, fruit)
  • An Etsy Fall Wedding
  • Edible (edible, food, harvest, bounty, fall)
  • Chase the Blues Away (blue, blueberry, berry, dark blue, light blue, beauty, housewares, jewelry, baby, food, children)
  • A balance of elegant and folksy
  • Rustic Charm (earthy, rustic, farm, copper, brown, home decore, jewelry, leather, wire, wood, natural, fall colors)
  • October favorites (october, apples, pumpkin, orange, opal, halloween, jack o lantern, candy corn, bats, costume)
  • Crisp Autumn Walk (autumn, fall, walk, woodland, forest, trees, animals)
  • Where the Green Things Grow (garden, vegetables, shovel, trowel, flowers, bunny, leaves, dirt, tools, pumpkin, carrot, herbs, garden, grow, butterfly)

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