Friday, October 22, 2010

Front Page Tags/Themes for October 15-22

The holiday shopping season is quickly approaching (and for some has already begun) and online shop owners are busy getting their shops in order for the impending rush (or so we hope). If you haven't checked out the November Merchandising Desk article on Etsy then you will want to do that now. Also don't forget to enter Kawartha Beads WIN AD SPACE FOR A MONTH giveaway to give your business an extra boost this season! Here are some of the tags and themes that appeared on the front pages of Artfire and Etsy over the past week:

  • Fresh Pumpkin Pickins
  • Foggy Morning
  • Fur the Love of Felines
  • Great Gift for $15 or less
  • Knit one....Crochet too!
  • On the Water...Sea Foam
  • Dancing in the Rain (rain, weather, cold, ice blue, white, grey, gray, storm, dancing in the rain, dancing, clouds, sky)
  • Teal and Red (teal, red, polka dots, blue, fall, bunting, art, print, jewelry, embroidery, vintage)
  • Citrine Gifts Under 50 (citrine, gifts, under 50, handmade, golden tone, autumn, fall, yellow, mustard, scorpio, jewelry, natural, november, novembers birthstone, astrological, sagittarius, thanksgiving, unique gift guide)
  • Pretty Whites and Ivories (white, milk, glass, vintage, necklace, snow, owl, winter, ivory, beige)
  • A Novel Idea (book, reading, bookend, relax, cozy, art, home decor, housewares, rustic, soft, shabby chic)
  • Purple Haze Wednesday (purple, violet, lavender, lilac)
  • Aqua and Rust (aqua, rust, orange, turquoise, blue, pumpkin, autumn, fall, mid century, vintage, retro, cottage chic, harvest gold, housewares, burnt oranges, aquamarine)
  • Dear Santa, Please bring me these or no cookies! (cranberry red, olive green, holiday, reindeer, owl, gumby, november, gift guide, ornament, stocking, bunting)
  • Cozy: A Holiday Gift Guide (gift guide, cozy, warm, neutrals, natural, blue, green, sepia, winter, pinecones, knitted, hat, scarf, nature, trees, brown, cream)
  • Hidden Meaning of Pomegranates (pomegranates, christmas, gift, gift guide, home decor, november, holiday, for her)

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