Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Tidbits About Abalone

I just finished a fabulous necklace that includes an abalone shell pendant and I was intrigued to find out some properties surrounding it. Aside from its beautiful colours it sounds like it is something that everyone in the creative field should add to their wardrobe!

Abalone is said to provide for boundless growth in whatever you undertake, and stimulate intuition and imagination. For the business minded it is also said to enhance mental clarity and insight and assist in decision making.

Closely connected with family, in particular motherhood, abalone shells are told to be worn on the forehead of Apache girls on the morning of the initiation into womanhood.

For those who take interest in its healing properties, abalone is said to help build and protect the heart and aid in digestion.

What are some of your favourite abalone creations? Do you have another stone that is a favourite of yours?

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  1. Very interesting! I like amber, because of it's tranquility properties!