Sunday, July 17, 2011

Happy Birthday to ME!!! My AMAZING Walmart Trip!

So my hubby asked me what I wanted for my birthday and I told him to go shopping with just the baby and my stack of coupons so I could concentrate. So off I went Friday evening and HAD A BLAST!!! We are hoping to get to the zoo this week so I wanted to stock up on some juices/snacks and there are bunch of coupons expiring at the end of July that I wanted to take advantage of. Here is a sampling of my haul:

Fibre Plus Cereal $2.97-$2 coupon = .97
Oasis Juice on sale for $1-50cent coupon =.50
Oasis Jr. Juice boxes $1.33-$1 coupon from Allen' Apple Juice Can =.33
Sunlight Cumber Melon Dish Soap $1.48-50 cent coupon from here =.98
Crest Toothpaste $1-75cent coupon =.25
Asprin $3.67-$6 coupon from here= MADE 2.33
Covergirl Lip Gloss $2.87-$2coupon= .87 (If you have some of these coupons left and live in the Ptbo area there are still lots of lip glosses left, the coupons expire July 31st so don't miss out!)
Covergirl Lip Gloss $2.87-$2 coupon= .87
Cheez Whiz (Price Matched with Sobeys for $2.99)-$1 coupon= $1.99
3x travel sized Gillette Foam Shaving Cream @1.27ea-$5WUB3=MADE $1.19

Total Retail: $23.99
My cost OOP: $3.24 plus the taxes

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