Saturday, July 16, 2011

Canadian Couponing: My Food Basics + Canadian Tire

If you are a frequent reader you may have noticed two things:
1) I added a little tracker in my sidebar but I lost track post baby/in the midst of my Heartsy deal how much I've actually been saving. That's not to say that I haven't been sale/flyer watching and matching my coupons because I sure have, I don't think I can ever shop any other way again. I guess since my tracker is behind I will have to work even harder to get it caught up by the end of the year!
2) I haven't been updating my fabulous shopping trips as much. I promise that I will post more frequently now that the new baby is 3 months old ( did that happen) and I am actually sleeping a reasonable amount of time most nights. I also want to focus on some local couponing, where to get coupons, what is available where, and any great sales prices! Good deals are in bold!

So on to the shoppping!!!!

Canadian Tire:
A couple of weeks ago there was a $2 off of propane along with the Canadian Tire flyer in the Kawartha Lakes This Week. Needed propane and were heading to Food Basics so just made sense to do it all in one trip. Also used the 8X Canadian Tire Money when you buy gas coupon on the back of this week's Canadian Tire flyer and put some go go juice in the car.

Food Basics:
Rougemont Apple Juice- on for 99cents a can. Used 50cents off WUB2 (when you buy 2)= 75cents/can
Broccoli -97cents (saved approx $1)
Hotdog and hamburger buns (12 packs) 2/$5= 58 cents savings
Dempsters Whole Grain Breads 2/$5= 58 cents savings-$1 coupon= $1.58 saved!
2xAlphagettis on sale for 59 cents a can! (saved approx. $1)
Cherries on sale for $1.88/lb
24 pack of Selections Natural Spring Water $1.88
Whole Chickens (approx 3lbs) $4.99each (saved approx. $5)

Total coupons: $2.66
Approx. additional savings: $7)

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