Friday, July 23, 2010

Etsy Front Page Tags #11

I was pleased to notice several front pages this week that featured Undiscovered Shops, giving new sellers an extra boost and I'm sure leaving many of them jumping for joy in front of their computer screens. So what other tags/themes made it to the front page this week....
  • Fox and Hare (fox, hare, forest, woods, tree)
  • Life on the Farm (farm, farmhouse, ranch, country, western, sheep, jam, cowboy, red, yellow, white, blue, midwest, barn, eggs, dress, horses)
  • Geometrics
  • Crush on Teacher (teacher, school, crush, hearts, apples, chairs, pencils, chalkboard)
  • Nautical Sailor (nautical, sailor, sea, red, white, blue, stripe, anchor, deep, compass, port, ocean, fish, sail away, summer, sailing, travel, trip)
  • Undiscovered Shops
  • Thinking in Pastel
  • Words
  • Peek into the Powder Room
  • Cranberry and Sage
  • Red and Black
  • Haiku in Aqua and Red
  • Extravagence in Violet
  • Road Trip
  • Leather and Lace
  • Olive and Mint
  • Peridot
  • Aw Sugar....Honey Honey (golden, honey, bees, yellow, sun, gold, beeswax, mustard)


  1. I wish Etsy would shake up the front page a bit with more variety, but they didn't ask me. Being on the front page is such a boost.

  2. What a great resource! Thank you for taking the time to put these lists together!

  3. You are so welcome! I'm glad that you are finding them useful!