Sunday, May 23, 2010

The Great Marketing Exchange!

Ever wish you could combine efforts with some like-minded individuals to give your shop some additional traffic? A marketing exchange might be your answer!

Last fall and again this spring I organized a marketing exchange for handmade goods. The shops that signed up were all sent a list of who was involved and their shop link and what their feature days were. Then on a shops feature days everyone involved would promote that shop through their shop announcement, blogs, twitter, facebook and whatever else they could think of. I know that I found many wonderful new shops this way and we did see an increase in both traffic and sale at Bijoux Designs For You which I was running with my mother at the time. It is a bit of an honour roll system and you have to have faith that the first shops to be featured will still help to promote the last. Admittedly it does take alot of organization but its a great way to meet some new people, discover some new shops and help to promote handmade!

Currently I am putting together a marketing exchange through Rouge River Beads with some fellow supplies sellers. I can't wait to share their stories starting June 1st so stay tuned!

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