Friday, May 21, 2010

Front Page Etsy Tags ?????

I don't know if you have noticed but this week there were very few "found using the search term" or "inspired by" front page Etsy tags. Rather there was a heavy focus on Father's Day and Graduation themed items as well as other items from the May merchandising article. I must admit that I never used to pay too much attention to these articles but with the focus of the front page changing, and relying heavily on the themes of these articles, it is worth revisiting them.
You can check out the June merchandising article here. Most of the themes are ones that you would expect, Father's Day, weddings, bbq's, etc. Etsy also celebrates its 5th birthday in June so I'm sure we will be having a big party!!!!! Since June's birthstone is the pearl I'm certain that there will be many beautiful pearl items featured. They are also perfect for the summer bride and one of my fav's all year round! My mom is also a big fan of pearls and you can find many of them in her creations over at Bijoux Designs For You including this pretty Filagree Heart and Pearl Necklace. I recently created a Pretty Pearls treasury and would love it if you had a chance to stop by and check it out! I'm always most interested in the forcasted colour trends and of all the ones they have listed I'm most excited to see some citrus's (lime, lemon, grapefruit, blood orange, tangerine).

What are your thoughts on the upcoming trends for June? Do you take them into consideration when you are designing? It will be interesting to see how the month unfolds while we celebrate 5 years of Etsy!

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