Friday, August 10, 2012

My preparations for the holiday shopping season: Week 1

I can hardly believe it but I have already begun holiday preparations for the upcoming season! Over the next four weeks I'm hoping to have my wheels in motion and be prepared for a stress free and hopefully busy season. Week One: Order supplies...alot of supplies! I just finished a big charm order, am getting stocked up on chain and findings and other creating goodies as well as bags for packaging. This week I also hope to order another case of envelopes and get some new colours of cardstock for making product cards. With everything on its way I guess I'd better make Week Two organize my studio/office space! Stay tuned to see how that works out!

How are you getting your handmade business ready for the holiday season? What do you expect this year to bring?

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  1. You're right, this is the perfect time to think of the holidays! Thanks for the reminder. I have a show booked and pre orders for Christmas Cards, so yes, supplies would be a good start!

    I'm hoping to get ultra organized this year and really grow the business. Thanks for all your practical and useful tips. Much appreciated! :)