Saturday, March 31, 2012

March Round Up

This month saw insanely beautiful weather (not great for being productive), almost a week with spuradic internet, a bout with the flu (mommy, daddy and kiddos) AND two bday parties and March Break visits. Whew!  In case you missed it here is a link to my February round up so you can see what I was hoping to accomplish.

I did manage to get out for another meeting with the crafty gals of Kawartha Lakes Artisans, Vintage&Collectibles group.  I feel like we were super productive in setting up a game plan for the year and look forward to seeing all of these wonderful artisans business grow!
I managed to maintain 160 listings in my Etsy Shop for most of March although I am slightly under that number at the moment. I had several items expire that I no longer wish to renew and a couple of unexpected sales surges (although I'm not complaining) for which I haven't had a chance to create new inventory for.

March was a busy month with online sales as follows:

Total number of sales for March 2012: 33
Total number of sales for March 2011:7

I have also been actively trying to grow my sales through offline means as well including Facebook and my travelling jewellery bucket which was well received this month! Last but not least....the paperwork fairy did not arrive to take care of the paperwork for me but I did manage to get it all done...note to self...try to stay on top of it this year (yeah right!)

Looking ahead to April....
Sure to be a busy month! I have a table for Kawartha Beads at the Mom to Mom Sale, a jewellery party for a book club the following week, I'm sending the jewellery bucket back out near the end of the month (in time for some Mother's Day shopping), I need to restock my Etsy shop and I'm hoping to maintain 175 listings for this month. If I have any time left at all I still have a very special birthday party to throw (my little guy will be 1) AND of course the fun part....seeking out my next batch of charms to add to the collection.

What do you have planned for the month ahead?

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