Wednesday, February 1, 2012

New Product Sneak Peek

I've done a few custom orders for charm bracelets in the past but have decided to add some as a regular product in my Etsy shop. Here's your sneak peek at the very first one which I hope to list later tonight (cross your fingers the kiddos go to bed at a reasonable time!).

Each bracelet will be one of a kind and their current introductory price will be $12.75 each plus shipping. Blog/Facebook fans will always have a sneak peek (and thus first chance at claiming them for themselves). In addition to this fabulous Sewing Lover Charm Bracelet I have started a Country/Western themed one and Cooking Inspired bracelet. Interested in a custom bracelet of your own? I'm always happy to work with you! What other themes do you think I should explore?

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