Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Meet Local Artisan SweetDreams by Tara

  • I will be featuring several local artisans in the upcoming weeks. I hope you enjoy learning more about them and their craft. Be sure to check out their shops and/or Facebook pages for great holiday gift ideas! Meet our first local artisan SweetDreams by Tara:

    What would you like people to know about you as a person? I am a very hard working single mom to an amazing daughter. Who is always wanting to meet new ppl and try new things. I love working on my crafts esp my dreamcatchers. Or spending time with my daughter wether we are shopping, going out for dinner, or just sitting watching a movie or talking about life.
    Tell me a bit about your art and your products. What inspires you?  I was down on my luck as some would say back in 2006 and in a homeless shelter, A native lady came in and held a class and taught many of us how to make the dreamcatchers. I found it extreamly relaxing and comforting. When ever I feel anxious or stressed I start making them and it calms me. I love the beauty and variety that dreamcatchers come in. All you need is a little imaginiation and anything is possible. I love to teach others this as well as make and sell my as well.

    How do you share your creations? Where can we find you? I have a facebook group where anyone is more then welcome to give feedback or to even add to the group. I often have specials, and post all new dreamcatchers I have for sale or for those I have made in the past. here is the link http://www.facebook.com/groups/198927503486240/
What is the most important lesson you have learned since starting your business?  Most important lesson since starting this is the journey it takes you. the people that you meet. The stories that they have. It is all about learning new ideas and new journeys.

Fun Tibits:
Coffee, tea or hot chocolate? love my herbal fruit teas. :)
fav candy: love so many, but my fav's are dark choclate the highter the coco the better, red licorice, chocolate covered peanuts and raisins
fav colour is pink
favorite movie: I also have many fav's but would say fiddler on the roof, gone with the wind, or any good action/adventure or even a good drama
If I were to catch you grooving to a song: mmmm anything that is hip hop, reggae, soca, calypso

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