Friday, October 28, 2011

My Rexall Shop: Total OOP $17.66

Thanks to my wonderful friend Laura who lent me a helping hand we managed a great shop at Rexall today. There were oooooodles of baby goodies marked down (but with 2012 expiry dates, score) so I took the opportunity to stock up. If you live in Lindsay head to the Rexall in the mall and there are carts near the front cash full of all kinds of cereals, jar foods, mum mum's and more! Here is a peek at my shop:

  •  2xBaby Mum Mum:  $1.47ea.
  • Nestle Wheat with Fruit: $1.47-50cent off coupon
  • Nestle Oats Cereal: $1.97-50cent off coupon
  • Oreo Thinsations: $1.99-75cent off coupon
  • 2xAero Bubbles: $4.99each-2 FREE PRODUCT COUPONS from Carnation hot chocolate boxes
  • 2xHeinz Cereal: $1.47ea
  • 4xOld Spice Deoderant: SALE $1.99ea-2x $3.00 off coupons WUB2
  • 8x Heinz baby Food: 47cents each (should have been a $1.50 off coupon WUB8 applied here but reviewing my receipt I see she missed it, still a great deal either way)
Total Out of Pocket including tax: $17.66
Total Saved: $46.16

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