Friday, June 24, 2011


Wow what a busy month it has been! My Heartsy deal went fabulously well and I want to thank all those who took advantage of the opportunity and bought a voucher. Unfortunately with the Canada Post lockout many parcels are still sitting here waiting to make their way to their new owners but everyone has been extremely patient and understanding. I have my fingers crossed that we will all be sending and receiving mail early next week. If you missed the Heartsy deal you can currently stop by my Etsy shop to receive 30% off your order by entering coupon code THANKYOU30 at checkout. New products to come in the next week or so include more giraffe charm necklaces in both silver and brass, sewing charm necklaces, baking charm necklaces, fabulous fire polished earrings, and some more additions to the bargain bin.

My Heartsy Experience

If you haven't had the chance be sure to stop by Heartsy for your chance to snatch up some fabulous daily deals on handmade items. My feature day was June 11th, with my deal available to VIP's on June 10th. I used my Artfire Studio which has its own pro's and con's which I will list later. Here is the number breakdown for those of you who are contemplating submitting to Heartsy for your own shop:

DEAL: $9 for $22 worth of store credit, VIP's got $32 credit

Studio Views pre-Heartsy: 6,352
Studio Views as of Today: 12,376
Item Views pre-Heartsy: 11,274
Item Views as of Today: 12,649
Sales pre-Heartsy: 26
Sales as of Today:166

Vouchers sold: 66 total
                        49 VIP
                        17  REGULAR
Redeemed to date: 36
Non Heartsy Sales during June: 3

Many people redeemed their vouchers immediately and one of the pro's to using my Artfire Studio was that I was able to list quantities and didn't have to worry about relisting (in case I decided to grab a couple hours sleep!) Buyers, however, are less familiar with Artfire and not as comfortable shopping there so I wonder if I would have sold more vouchers had I used my Etsy shop.  I hope that I brought some extra exposure to Artfire since there are so many talented artisans there as well. I love both Etsy and Artfire and each site has its pro's and con's. Each artisan needs to decide for themselves if a venue like Heartsy is right for their business. For me it gave me some immediate cash flow to reinvest into new supplies, brought extra exposure to my studio that I may not have been able to generate on my own (at least so quickly) and it gave me a feel for what items people were interested in. My #1 seller The Owl Charm Necklace. Would I do it again? Absolutely! If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact me. I would be happy to help!

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