Monday, April 26, 2010

The NEW Treasury East!

If you are an Etsy seller or buyer you may have had the opportunity to check out some fabulous member curated features called treasuries. These are a great chance for Etsy artists to highlight their fav's from others in the community. Recently Etsy launched its new Treasury East with equal opporunity for everyone to create one (although I loved the excitement of trying to nab a treasury opening the old way!)

If you have not had the chance to curate your own treasury they are tons of fun...and completely addicting! Etsy has a great article about How to Make Treasury for those who are justing beginning. Tomorrow, April 27th, the front page of the site will be featuring some of the treasuries from the new Treasury East. I hope that one of mine make it!

Feel free to visit either of my treasuries, comment love is appreciated!

Spectacular Supplies
Lovely Lavenders

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  1. I just love treasuries! It's wonderful to see what catches other people's eyes!